Martial Viot

WCCC Marketing Manager

Heading up the marketing team for Western Capecheetah Conservation at the Cape Town office, he ensures that all the important channels of communication remain open and clear. In this way, WCCC can successfully and widely distribute their messages about cheetah conservation in South Africa and beyond.

Establishing and maintaining the WCCC communication networks which includes various social platforms, Martial assists in bringing word to the public about Western Cape Cheetah Conservation and their conservation goals.

The Internet is more than just an information highway, it is a way to connect the globe and help us stand united for a common cause. Handling the Cape Cheetah website and other areas of communication is thus a core aspect of Martial’s position so that supporters of the Cheetah cause can learn all they need to know about WCCC and conservation within Western Cape.

Lauren Leonard

Content Manager

Lauren Leonard is the content manager and marketing co-ordinator of Western Cape Cheetah Conservation at the Cape Town office. Together with Martial Viot and the rest of the team, she does the promotion and communication of  Capecheetah. This plays a very important part as we aim to raise awareness among people about the cheetah organisation. She is also involved in creating and managing all content for Capecheetah and Inverdoon. We educate, we promote and we conserve.

Elise Bouyer

French Marketing Assistant

Elise is the Western Cape Cheetah Conservations french marketing assistant marketing. She assists Martial Viot and the team with all the work in the marketing . She is an creative assistant that also takes care of  the french content writing, the content management and the marketing campaign. Which also plays and important part in getting a positive message across and to educate the french communities about the importance of conservation.

Baptiste Rezé

French Media Assistant

Baptiste Rezé was the French Media Assistant of the Western Cape Cheetah Conservation at the Cape Town office. He assisted Martial in all media related tasks such as video creation, logos and website layout. His day to day, tasks differed from writing french articles, taking pictures for marketing purposes to managing social networks. Baptist is a passionate person that loves wildlife and nature.

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