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Cheetahs are friends, not fur!

The big cats that once roamed the wild of Africa are now making their way to a pet shop, or clothing store near you. Many cheetahs are still killed for their fur or captured as pets. With the number of cheetahs having declined 30% in the last twenty years, attention needs to be turned to […]

Saving lives at the Western Cape Cheetah Conservation

The Western Cape Cheetah Conservation (WCCC) is based at Inverdoorn Game Reserve. Our aim is saving and rehabilitating these wild felines to release them back into the wild. You can witness these beautiful cats at Inverdoorn when you book for a safari or stay overnight at Iziba Lodge. The cheetah population is on a worldwide decline, with less […]

What we do at the WCCC

The Western Cape Cheetah Organisation (WCCC) was founded in 2001 by Damien Vergnaud. The WCCC aims to rescue and rehabilitate cheetahs through their programmes at Inverdoorn Game Reserve and Iziba Safari Lodge while enabling the big cats to live in their natural environment. At this stage, humans are the biggest threat to the cheetah species. […]

A poor diet could be a cheetah killer

Across Africa, the number of cheetahs is dwindling. Even cheetahs kept in game reserves and zoos are suffering from poor genetic diversity and low immune systems. Yet apparently, a bad diet is also the secret killer. There is a reason that the cheetah is on the endangered list. As we have recounted several times, cheetah numbers […]

Breeding and Raising Cheetah Cubs

Western Cape Cheetah Conservation is dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and breeding cheetahs. None of them is that easy to accomplish, but when a new litter of cheetah cubs is born, it makes it all worth it. The cheetah conservation (WCCC) was started by founder Damien Vergnaud in 2008. Since then, he has been manning a […]

The Cheetah Mating Ritual – Breeding in Captivity

Inverdoorn Game Reserve is home to the Western Cape Cheetah Conservation (WCCC), an organisation that is dedicated the rescuing, rehabilitating and breeding cheetahs in South Africa. Cheetahs are endangered species, and their numbers are running low. Hence WCCC has a dedicated team tasked with breeding cheetahs and raising cheetah cubs. The number of cheetahs in […]

Volunteer and work with Cheetahs

If you have ever had a craving to help the wild cats, now is the time to do something about it. Inverdoorn Game Reserve is home to the Western Cape Cheetah Conservation, which contributes to rescue and rehabilitate these endangered cats. Sign up as a volunteer for the experience of the lifetime, and to save […]

How to Outrun a Cheetah

We all praise runners such as Usain Bolt and others who sprint down the 100m track, reaching record speeds of 44.72km/h. We watch them in wonder. But in reality, this is only a fraction of the cheetah’s breakneck top speed of 120km/h. Yet, if it really came down to it, could we outrun a cheetah? […]

The Evolution of the Modern Cheetah

Cheetahs have held the title of the fastest land animal for the last 5 million years.  Our modern cheetah dates back to African heritage, but once upon a time, more cheetah species roamed the grasslands. They are also a much older cat species than many of the others we see around today. The modern cheetah […]