All members of the Big 5 – the elephant, lion, rhino, buffalo and the elusive leopard – are represented at Inverdoorn. The game is thriving and during your safari you may come across herds of eland, gemsbok and zebra, or hippos wallowing in the dam. The rhinos, with their horns intact, are a distinct highlight at Inverdoorn, combined with the magic of walking with giraffes and watching the cheetah run.


Conservation is at the root of Inverdoorn and the cheetah has become the emblem for the reserve’s mission to rescue animals and give them back their rightful home. Join us today in making our vision, your dream and the cheetah’s desire for freedom come true. Your stay will help raise awareness and funds, so that hopefully one day all our cheetahs can have a future in the wild. Together with one of our guides or handlers, you will be able to explore the vast plains of Inverdoorn searching for the wild cheetahs which have been released.

Should your tracking be successful, you will see them roaming free in the wild. What makes this moment even more special is knowing that  these are rescued cheetahs that have known hardship and pain and have been on a long journey to freedom. Once you find them you will have the privilege of watching them adjust to the wild and, if they are feeling confident, practice their hunting skills.