The Cheetahs at the Lodge

The Western Cape Cheetah Conservation aims to save the cheetah species. For that, it successfully increases the number of cheetah population which is extremely low. WCCC also releases animals in to the wild, but for some cheetahs is impossible to consider them totally independent.

After rehabilitation some cheetahs are not able to hunt and survive and therefore cannot be directly released into the wild. Some are staying at the lodge that guests at Inverdoorn Game Reserve can meet during when visiting.

The handlers at Inverdoorn know the cheetahs and keeps in mind that the animal  is a very sensitive specie and so every care is taken to minimize their stress when being exposed to guests. We will make every effort to ensure an encounter, but there are certain conditions to be strictly adhered to.

When visiting you will hear about the history of the cheetahs at Inverdoorn, many of the rescued cheetahs have a heart-warming, and sometimes heartbreaking, story that the handlers will eagerly share with you.