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Cheetah Conservation and Rehabilitation

Western Cape Cheetah Conservation is based at Inverdoorn Game Reserve. Their aim is to rescue and rehabilitate these wild Felines to release them back into the wild. The runs form part of the rehabilitation process, which guests at Inverdoorn can witness when they visit the centre. Guests are also able to experience a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to encounter and interact with a tame cheetah at the safari lodge, learning about their conservation from the handlers. In an effort to decrease the declining population and increase genetic diversity among cheetahs, a breeding programme has been implemented. To date, Capecheetah has saved fourteen cheetahs, successfully released two into the main part of the reserve to roam free and witnessed the birth of two healthy litters. Volunteer programme and social engagement make the public a part of the process of saving the wild cats  to which the centre has devoted its work.

When you witness one of the big cats in close proximity at Inverdoorn Game Reserve and Iziba Safari Lodge or even the resident tame cats, when they go on walks with their handlers around the lodge this is truly a magical experience.

Conservation is on top of inverdoorns  mission and these felines has become the emblem for the reserve to rescue animals and give them back their rightful home. Make our vision, your dream and the cheetah’s desire for freedom come true.

Just 2.5 hours outside Cape Town, this safari lodge and rehabilitation centre is easy to reach. Nowhere else in the region will you be able to interact with wild cats in this way and experience firsthand what goes into rehabilitating a cheetah.

Join us in the mission! Help raise awareness so that hopefully one day these species can have a future within the wilderness.

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Damian Vergnaud

WCCC Founder

Damian Vergnaud is the founder of Capecheetah and the owner of Inverdoorn Game Reserve in the Western Cape.

Leah Brousse

WCCC Manager

Leah Brousse is the main cheetah handler take on at out the Western Cape Cheetah Conservation.

Martial Viot

Online Marketing Manager

Martial Viot heading up the marketing for Western Capecheetah Conservation at the Cape Town office.

John Mc Ilvaine

Cheetah Handler

John Mc llvaine is cheetah handler at Western Cape Conservation Centre for these Endangered species.

Our volunteers

Various positions

The handlers are assisted by a team of volunteers, who come from far and wide to learn about these magnificent wild cats in aid of conservation.


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112 Loop street,
8001, Cape Town
South Africa.

e: contact@capecheetah.org
phone:+27 21 422 00 13
fax: +27 (0)214 22 41 81

About WCCC

Capecheetah is a rescue and rehabilitation centre for cheetahs based at Inverdoorn Game Reserve in the Western Cape. It was found by reserve owner Damian Vergnaud to fight the species extinction.


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